EBA_FutureThe e-Business Association (e-BA) was created by Towson University’s College of Business and Economics’ students to expand their knowledge about the e-Business industry. Speakers, tours, and experiences with business professionals give the students the opportunity to continually learn about the opportunities and innovations occurring in the field of e-Business.

In the past the e-BA has participated in various events within the College of Business and Economics as well as the surrounding areas. Some of these events include: CBE Bingo Night, Maryland Food Bank, Race for the Cure, and various Ravens fundraising events!

The e-Business Association believes it’s important to invite past alumni as well as local business professionals within the e-Business and Marketing fields to share their insights with the student body. Guest speakers and company tours from the following companies have previously occurred:Old_Picture_EBA_1

  • 1st Mariner Bank
  • Bill Me Later
  • G.1440
  • R2integrated
  • RSM McGladrey
  • WhatCounts (formerly Blue Sky Factory)
  • AOL

The students that have attended these events gained valuable insights to the professional workforce as well as extended knowledge about the e-Business field.

e-Business is the future of business and the e-BA is a part of that future!